The trusted German portal has launched an English version – Entertainment Focus

Germany’s leading portal for gambling news, casino reviews and casino bonuses has launched its English edition for the English public.

It is safe to say that this site has been the haven for online casino players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland for quite some time now. But now the Casino Plus Bonus portal team has created an English version of their award-winning website.

This is definitely wonderful news for anyone who enjoys playing online casinos and looking for No deposit bonus deals in countries where English is the official language.

The site is trusted by many

One of the things that makes people happy when it comes to this site is that it is trusted by hundreds of thousands of loyal readers in Germany. This is why the Casino Plus Bonus team decided to design an English version. After a period of beta-testing, the English version is now online and functional. People can browse it on all devices, but special technological emphasis is placed on mobile device access.

It will make life easier for gamers

Casino Plus Bonus offers exclusive and reliable information about the casino industry, game producers, new game in this industry and many wonderful interviews with people in the iGaming scene. Also, one of the best things about the website is a dedicated team of experts who review online casino games and providers. They give them ratings and make it easier for online casino enthusiasts to find the best games and sites.

Jack Bannon, Editor of the English editionStates:

“The English version of Casino Plus Bonus is a very challenging and motivating undertaking. We are starting from an influential position with credible brand recognition passing through the German versions of the portal. We are already taking into consideration the different cultural and behavioral peculiarities of an international audience, as well as recognition of the multiple regulatory frameworks in various jurisdictions. Naturally, our goal is to constantly keep readers fully informed of developments in their respective market and to offer the best casino promotions available to our audience”

But, there is also a way this portal helps players. Casino Plus Bonus offers a wide selection of exclusive casino bonuses. Special offers are concluded with operators who offer cash promotions without deposit, free spins promotions also in combination with deposit bonuses, cashback promotions, tournaments and promotions focused on games such as slot machines. slot or table games.

Audiences who will be blessed with this site

The international edition will focus on Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland as the main English speaking countries. However, India and other countries that have an audience that searches and reads iGaming content in English, for example Central and Eastern Europe, will also be considered. Each country has licensed casino operators that offer special offers and Casino Plus Bonus takes this into account with dedicated casino listings.

It is safe to say that people from these countries will have a trustworthy site where they can easily find the best online casino games and sites.

James R. Rhodes