Pioneer: German and French will be taught in public schools

Muscat – The Ministry of Education recently announced the introduction of a curriculum including French and German for grades 11 and 12 in public schools.

The ministry has confirmed that French and German will be taught in limited schools in Muscat, North Batinah and South Batinah.

Both languages ​​were chosen because they are global and living languages. “There is a study to add other languages ​​as well,” the ministry said.

It has signed an agreement with the Goethe Institut Muscat – German Language Center and the Omani-French Center to prepare intensive training programs to train Omani teachers to teach both languages.

Parents and teachers welcomed the ministry’s decision. Speaking to Muscat Daily, Ali al Shayadi, a teacher, said: “This is a very important development; this will help students learn new skills and learn about new cultures.

He added that learning different languages ​​will encourage students to communicate with and respect people from other cultures, helping them to benefit from what others have achieved in science and technology.

According to Shayadi, the ministry seeks to develop school curricula by diversifying elective courses and expanding the teaching of different languages.

Nasser Salim, a student’s father, said: “This is a very good step because it will help students identify elements of the French and German languages ​​that are compatible with Islam and the customs and traditions of Omani society. “.

He added that learning new languages ​​will develop self-confidence, love of knowledge and open up new fields in higher education.

Education expert Abdul Hadi Mustafa added that the Ministry of Education wants to add things that will raise the level of education in the sultanate. “The inclusion of the French and German languages ​​in the public school curriculum is one of these steps. This is very important because it will raise the level of our students culturally and scientifically.

Khalid al Hosni, another education expert, said the development will lead to job opportunities for Omanis in foreign companies operating in the sultanate. “After graduation, these students can explore a new job market and continue their academic and professional growth through courses offered by these companies, or in any French-speaking or German-speaking country.”

He added that learning different languages ​​will also create job opportunities in the tourism sector, which is growing steadily and needs a large number of qualified Omani professionals.

James R. Rhodes