Award-winning plant brand Oumph! announced its launch in Germany. The sustainable Sweden-based brand has seen huge success in Scandinavia and the UK and six Oumphs! The products will now be available in a selection of Edeka group stores from June with the slogan “Kill boredom”.

After being bought by the collective of plant brands LIVEKINDLY, Oumph! recently won the World Food Innovation Award 2021 and this year became an official sponsor of Veganuary.

All six products will be available in the freezer section, including Kebab, Chunks, Smoky Bites, Burger and Mince. The company claims that all of the soybeans used in the production of Oumph! products are sustainably grown and GMO-free within the EU, and the company aims to match today’s zeitgeist and inspire not only vegans and vegetarians, but especially modern flexitarians. .

Oumph burgers
© Oumph!

In an interview with vegconomist, Oumph! Co-Founder and Head of Progress Strategy Anna-Kajsa Lidell explained, “Oumph! is a world-class food innovation, created to appeal to a wide audience. As a result, new consumers are drawn to the plant category. Besides, Oumph! offers relatively good nutritional value, and it is resource efficient and climate friendly, which are additional bonuses that make our products attractive to the modern consumer.

The Oumph! the products are offered at the recommended retail price of € 4.49 each.