Ogun and a German agency train LG agents on new statistical skills

The Chinese community in Nigeria last weekend celebrated its Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, the upcoming Chinese National Day and Nigeria’s Independence Day at a colorful event in Lagos.
The event, which was opened by Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, brought together dignitaries from all walks of life.
In his remarks, Jianchun called for improved synergy between Nigeria and China.
“The Chinese community in Nigeria, we seek kindness, harmony and friendliness between the two countries. We also seek unity, which is important for the progress of both countries.
“I am happy to celebrate the relations between the two countries today, it is indeed a platform for reunion for all,” he said.
In addition, the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China, Chu Moaming, urged Nigerians and the Chinese community to pledge to promote friendly relations between the two countries.
He said maintaining friendly relations would go a long way in boosting the trading activities of the nations.
“We are already brothers and sisters with Nigerians. I want us to continue promoting these friendly relations to move our countries forward, Chu said.
The President of the China Association of Industrial and Commercial Enterprises, Dr. Eric Ni, said the scholarships were awarded in recognition of the outstanding performance of the recipients in the study of Nigerian and Chinese cultures.
Ni noted that each of the students received 100,000 naira to help them with their studies of Chinese and Nigerian cultures.
“Welcome to the Mid-Autumn Festival. Today, as we gather with families and friends to enjoy the full moon, which signifies abundance, togetherness and luck, our joy will be abundant.
“Nigeria and China celebrate their national day on the same day, October 1.
“Today we are giving scholarships to another 63 Nigerian arts and culture students.
“We will continue to do so to support the good relations between China and Nigeria,” he said.
Ni said that to continue China’s corporate social responsibility initiative, a new orphanage was opened in Ogun.
“As we do every year to support our Nigerian communities and orphanages in education, sports and culture.
“Early this year, we gave scholarships to 80 students, we have just renovated and furnished three primary schools in Okokomiako, a suburb of Lagos.
“We have also registered a new orphanage called Hua Xing Tzu Chi Orphanage Home in Ogun State.
“The Chinese community has also supported 30 low-income families with groceries and money to help their businesses.
make the world a better place for everyone.

Some of the beneficiaries were Esther Fashina, Ayi Mudashiru, Daniel Idowu, Esther Akinsuru, Isreal Akintobi, Yinka Akinola, Ibrahim Musa and Ngozi Mba.

Fashina, who is fluent in Chinese and English, appreciated the kind gesture addressed to her, urging her Nigerian colleagues on the need to be multilingual.

The Tide source reports that there were dance, song and drama performances by Nigerians and Chinese.

James R. Rhodes