NFL and German DFL agree new partnership

NFL DFL Partnership

The National Football League, the NFL, and the Deutsche Fußball Liga, or the DFL, announced a partnership agreement on Thursday. The DFL is primarily responsible for the operation of the German Bundesliga and the second-tier 2. Bundesliga.

A partnership between the two leagues focuses on business ideas in the German and American markets. This includes an increase in communication in key departments such as broadcasting, digital innovation, programming and marketing. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and DFL CEO Donata Hopfen signed the agreement.

“Our first regular season game in Germany this fall also provides the opportunity to work with learning from some of the most successful sports leagues in the world,” Goodell said in an official statement. “The Bundesliga has long been considered Germany’s premier league and one of Europe’s best. We look forward to working with the DFL in a process that we believe will be mutually beneficial.

NFL and DFL sign new partnership

Hopfen shared his colleague’s enthusiasm. “The DFL has always worked openly and cooperatively with leagues and organizations around the world to promote the development of sport around the world,” Hopfen said. “We look forward to working closely with our NFL colleagues on a variety of issues and gaining new insights, especially as they relate to the sport in the United States.”

The German soccer league already expanded to include an office in New York just four years ago. A move to the United States was an attempt to help grow the Bundesliga market, both in North and South America. While previously striving to cultivate the German elite here in the United States. have been slow, this new partnership, as well as the enormous TV offercould contribute to the growth of the league.

As part of the agreement, the NFL will play one game per season in Germany for the next four years. The Allianz Arena, home of Bayern Munich, will host the 2022 game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks. The match will take place on Sunday, November 13. Munich and Frankfurt will alternate as hosts for the remainder of the partnership.

James R. Rhodes