German transport authority orders Tesla to change Autopilot features after reporting irregularities

It’s no secret that Tesla’s Autopilot system has been going through ups and downs for quite some time now. There are many people and institutions that repeatedly put the system through a lot of tests regarding its security features.

Previous controversies have included the triggering of the driverless autopilot feature, involvement in road accidents, and a few others.

Tesla’s full Autopilot feature may be the most advanced electric vehicle (EV) update yet, but it’s also been plagued by controversy after sparking potentially fatal car crashes in recent times. month.

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According to a report by Electrek, Tesla is currently under fire from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in Germany after finding “irregularities” in its Autopilot features. The automaker is now forced to modify its Autopilot features implemented in the country, as requested by transport authorities.

German transport authority orders Tesla to change Autopilot features

Another controversy is about to surface after the KBA discovered irregularities with the smart vehicle’s driver assistance system that Tesla reportedly “partially” resolved.

According Wirtschaftswoche, the Federal Motor Transport Authority began examining the revolutionary electric vehicle feature earlier this year as part of its market watch focused on Tesla’s Autopilot system. These tests carried out by the KBA gave an intriguing result.

Some features of Tesla vehicles are illegal in Europe

The KBA noted earlier this year, through a series of tests, that Tesla’s automated lane change feature may be illegal under current traffic laws in various European countries.

According to the Wirtschaftswoche article, transport authorities also claimed that Tesla only unlocks certain functions if the driver earns a certain number of points based on their driving skills. KBA argues that this should not be the case for any vehicle traveling on main roads, as cars should be accessible to anyone fit enough to drive.

It’s also worth noting that Tesla’s Autopilot technology is improving by collecting traffic data from its entire fleet database. This means that data from North America, especially from the United States, plays a role in improving the whole system.

This feature will certainly impact how Tesla’s vehicles operate in Europe, given that there are key differences between the traffic systems and behaviors of the two regions.

KBA also denounces the “lack of transparency”

KBA officials also cited the automaker’s lack of transparency in communicating software updates. KBA Chairman Richard Damm has threatened to shut down Teslas affected by said anomalies if the automaker does not disclose all necessary information.

Additionally, the KBA cannot finalize its decision on vehicle issues if Tesla does not provide crucial information.

In other news, CNBC reports that Chris Lister, Gigafactory’s vice president of operations, has left the company. Hrushikesh “Hrushi” Sagar has been promoted to Gigafactory Manager. This is confirmed by an audio leak obtained by CNBC.

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