German state of Kiel elects first black woman as minister – African Markets

Aminata Touré, whose parents arrived from war-torn Mali in 1992, has just taken office as Minister of Social Affairs in Kielin the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

As the daughter of refugees, Touré spent her childhood in German refugee camps, unsure if she could stay in the country. Today, she is the first black woman to hold a ministerial post in a state government.

She is 29 and is seen as the representative of the new spirit of cooperation between the Christian Democrats (CDU) under state premier Daniel Günther and the party to which she belongs, the pro-environment Greens.

Touré, quoted by The Guardian, said he would use his new political role to fight endemic racism in German society, as well as growing social inequality.

“As a black woman in this society, I’m basically often underestimated and treated like a stereotype – that was the case before I took this job, and it’s also the case now that I’m in it” , she says.

In her inauguration speech, she also said she was deeply moved to discover that her presence on the political scene is considered inspiring by black people in Germany, who have very few role models for this type of politician.

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