German officials visit US cannabis companies (Newsletter: September 21, 2022)

Colombian meadows. at the UN: ending the war on drugs; Poll: MO Voters Support Legalization; State Treasurers Encourage Marijuana Banks; NY approves home cultivation of medical cannabis

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Members of the Health Committee of the German Parliament, as well as the Federal Commissioner for Drugs, visited marijuana businesses in California last week as the country takes steps to prepare to enact cannabis legalization.

A new poll has revealed that nearly two in three likely Missouri voters are “certain to vote yes” to the marijuana legalization initiative in the November ballot. This includes majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents.

The National Association of State Treasurers reaffirmed a resolution calling on Congress to pass marijuana banking legislation.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro said in a speech before the United Nations General Assembly that if the war on drugs does not end soon, “democracy will die”, millions more will suffer from overdose deaths and black people “will become a corporation of prison societies”.

New York regulators have voted to finalize rules that will allow medical cannabis patients to start growing their own medicine at home from October 5. They also signed additional licenses to grow and process marijuana for recreational purposes.

Nebraska Medical Marijuana Activists are calling out the secretary of state’s office for delaying the promised review of signatures for their ballot initiatives so long that they have now lost the ability to legally challenge the original count.


The National Highway Safety Administration proposed rules to implement provisions in an infrastructure bill requiring states that have legalized marijuana to consider establishing programs to educate drivers about the risks associated with cannabis-impaired driving and reduce injuries or deaths associated with such activity.

Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Todd Robinson discussed cooperation in the war on drugs with the Jordanian Minister of Interior.

Representative Mike Garcia (R-CA) spoke about his concerns about illegal marijuana grow operations.

Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) claimed that Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman, currently lieutenant governor, is a “radical guy” who “wants to legalize drugs.”

Democratic Senate candidate from Iowa Mike Frank tweeted: “It is high time to legalize cannabis 🌿 in the United States. But first, we need to pass 🙅🏻‍♂️ on Grassley.

Republican congressional candidate from California Kevin Kiley, currently a member of the National Assembly, tweeted: “The illegal cannabis market is out of control, generating violence and many other types of crime. This is yet another example of anarchy in California.

The House Bill seal some federal marijuana conviction records got a new co-sponsor for a total of 21.


Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) announced the state has launched an education campaign to promote responsible cannabis use.

The Indiana provisional study of the legislature Committee on public health, behavioral health and social services tenuous a audience on THC products and the potential decriminalization of marijuana.

Hawaii legislators spoke on the prospects for marijuana legalization in the upcoming session as the state’s dual use cannabis task force reviews recommendations on the matter.

A Missouri representative is urging voters to reject the marijuana legalization initiative in the November ballot because it “does not include [resources] to help with marijuana addiction, mental health, or public safety.

A Michigan The senator tweeted about his speaking at a psychedelic festival, saying, “These substances have medicinal benefits, religious significance and low propensity for abuse.”

A Illinois The court ruled that the smell of burning marijuana was no longer grounds for establishing probable cause for a search.

The Oneida Indian Nation in New York enters the marijuana business.

A Massachusetts The regulator said an upcoming round of marijuana regulations could “make or break” the industry.

from Vermont The Department of Health released a video encouraging parents to “embrace the awkward” and talk to their kids about marijuana.

Georgia Regulators will discuss a competitive bidding for Class 1 and 2 medical cannabis production licenses on Wednesday.

Oklahoma Regulators will host a roundtable discussion on standardizing lab testing for medical cannabis on Thursday.

The California The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development is expected to begin accepting applications for the Cannabis Equity Grants Program for Local Jurisdictions on October 1.

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Seattle, Washington mayor sign a set of cannabis social equity bills in law.

The Wichita, Kansas City Council again voted to approve a proposal to decriminalize marijuana, along with fentanyl test strips.

The New Orleans, Louisiana The Public Service Commission has voted to end a ban on recent marijuana use for police recruits.

The Washoe County, Nevada The Commission voted to move forward with marijuana lounges.

The Clark County, Nevada The Commission discussed a draft ordinance on marijuana parlors.

Sacramento, California paid nearly $700,000 to settle a lawsuit that allegedly levied exorbitant fines on mostly Asian landlords whose tenants grew marijuana in their homes.

Albany, New York civil servants hosted the first meeting of the city’s cannabis advisory committee.


One study’s findings “supported CBD as a anti-parkinsonian medication.”

One study found that “psychedelic experiences inspired long-term transformation and lasting positive effects in all participants.


Students for Reasonable Drug Policy and the Last Prisoner Project announced a national day of mass action on Oct. 24 — including civil disobedience at campaign offices — to pressure President Joe Biden to fulfill his campaign promise to free marijuana prisoners.

The National Craft Cannabis Coalition is a new coalition of six organizations representing 1,000 small independent cannabis growers across the United States

A chacruna A board member authored an op-ed responding to concerns from other psychedelic reform advocates about a legalization initiative in the November ballot in Colorado.


Aurora Cannabis Inc. reported quarterly net income of C$50.2 million and a net loss of C$618.8 million.

flow center launched a new cannabis point-of-sale platform.

New Mexico Health Insurance Companies are pushing to transfer to federal court a lawsuit that seeks to force them to cover the costs of medical cannabis.

Columbia Care Inc. shareholders voted for board members.


WNBA Top Players said they would not return to Russia until the country releases their colleague Brittney Griner, who is jailed after being convicted of possessing cannabis vapes.

The Green Bay Packers appeared to perform a mock ayahuasca ceremony after scoring a touchdown – an apparent reference to their quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ experience with the psychedelic.

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