German Football Association adds TrackMan for ball-striking metrics

Rapsodo named exclusive provider of live and in-game data for the American Association of Professional Baseball


Joe Lemire

Rapsodothe ball flight tracking technology company, launched its first solution for live, in-game baseball and softball Data and announced that it would be the exclusive provider of such data for the American Association of Professional Baseball, an MLB partner leaguefor three years.

The latest innovation is Rapsodo Stadium, which uses two dual stereo camera systems in the field at capture the full trajectory of the ball and its 3D rotations to assess details such as seam orientation. It is the company’s first product that non-invasively collects game data. with a purely optical tracking solution at scale similar to Yakker Tech and much lighter than the Hawk-Eye corporate option that MLB uses to Statcast.

Previous iterations of Rapsodo Technology focused on training data, with the first and second versions of the technology requiring separate kick and pitch monitors. Version 3.0which will now be used by Trajekt Sports as well, resolved for this by combining these into a single device, but its placement was always in the field between the batter and the pitcher. Rapsodo Stadium does not need put on the stadium.

Rapsodo The stadium can also be used to record game-by-game data so that actions and results can be paired. The AAPB was already using Rapsodo Throwing and Kicking Units 2.0 over the past year, a period that has seen almost 100 players received contracts from MLB organizations.

AAPB is the first to commit league-wide installof Rapsodo Stadiumwith work already completed on the home sites of the Milwaukee Milkmen and the Lincoln Saltdogs, with the other 10 members implementing the technology this fall. Four MLB-affiliated facilities also installed Rapsodo Stadium.

James R. Rhodes