German company plans to invest $100 million in energy projects in El Salvador – English version

German company plans to invest $100 million in energy projects in El Salvador

The commitment of the government of President Nayib Bukele to intensify energy production through renewable energy has encouraged more international companies to invest in El Salvador. An example of this is the German company NOTUS Energy, one of the largest independent power producers in this European country.

Heiner Röger, CEO of NOTUS Energy, declared the company’s intention to invest $100 million in the development of clean energy projects in El Salvador. The German businessman’s announcement came during a meeting he had with Foreign Minister Alexandra Hill last Tuesday.

“A lot of changes in recent years. They have done a lot in the area of ​​security. This convinced us that there are more opportunities here than in other countries we have seen. We are very convinced that coming here is a good choice. We felt how they supported us to invest here and do business,” noted the CEO of NOTUS Energy.

Chancellor Hill also thanked the representative of NOTUS Energy for his interest in investing in El Salvador, creating jobs and revitalizing the national economy.

“This investment represents the confidence that investors have placed in the government of President Bukele, which has reaffirmed its commitment through its National Energy Policy 2020-2050, a projection that will enable our economic recovery and the transition to renewable energy”, said he declared. head of Salvadoran diplomacy.

Likewise, the official highlighted the Government’s commitment to guaranteeing the supply and consumption of energy resources, within a sustainable, modern, efficient and safe approach, with a projection of 30 years.

During the meeting, Chancellor Hill reiterated her commitment to support this investment project through the El Salvador Embassy in Germany and the Economic Relations Directorate of the said State Portfolio.

The meeting was also attended by Project Development Manager Kira Kahmann; the Ambassador of El Salvador to Germany, Florencia Vilanova de von Oehsen and officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For her part, the Vice-Chancellor, Adriana Mira, assured that NOTUS Energy has become one of the main project developers and independent energy producers in the world, having a presence in 14 countries, three of which belong to the Latin America and 11 to Europe.

In addition, he indicated that they are specialized in the production of renewable energy through the development of wind and photovoltaic parks, and that their process goes from the conceptualization of the project to its development and connection, operational management, as well as the development of solutions through artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, at present, the injection of renewable energies in El Salvador reaches 80% of the national electricity market.

Source: El Salvador in English.

James R. Rhodes