German Chocolate Pie and Other Sweet Holiday Treats in Vera’s Kitchen

Make yourself at home with a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or your favorite hot tea, and join Vera in the kitchen today. Her house is warm and inviting, with fantastic holiday ideas and additional information about her upcoming cookbook, “Vera’s Occasions.”

Vera likes to reminisce about the days when going to dinner parties was frowned upon unless you asked the hostess for at least one of the party’s recipes. Vera developed a fondness for the handwritten recipe card and the memories associated with the food, the hostess, and the event that brought the recipe to life.

Holiday Baked Fruit was a “dump” dish with a few stacking layers to make you feel you accomplished something. Vera’s continual mention of a “twist” is evident in this one. She uses 100% fresh fruit instead of canned fruit. The outcome is delectable and flexible, which airs at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday and 7:30 p.m. on Saturday on WJBF, Payday Champion.

Is anyone up for some homemade cinnamon rolls?

Vera’s recipe is tried and true, and it will instill such confidence in you in the kitchen that you may decide to prepare them for all of your friends and neighbors this holiday season.

Finally, a fast dessert or another chance to create a present for a friend that won’t keep you in the kitchen all day but will give you the pleasure of being among those who make a few things yourself.

Although German Chocolate Cake is famous, Vera’s luscious German Chocolate Pie is created entirely in a blender. Yes, Vera adds another twist: This old-school dish gets a makeover with an oatmeal and almond pie crust. a member of Vera’s crew

The next chapter in Charmain’s take on “Julie and Julia.”

So, last week, I told you that in my newest episode of “Julie and Julia,” I would forego the cakes and create a supper using Vera’s other recipes instead.

I know she’s famed for her cakes, and I’m planning on making one for Christmas.

Is it just me, or am I never prepared for Christmas? Isn’t it already next week? I wanted to wait until I had folks around to send bits home before ordering another cake.

I looked through her recipes and discussed them with my spouse. We determined that lunch didn’t have to be five exquisite dishes while we spoke. Dinner might be simple, and Vera has a few essential words infused with her twists.

Doesn’t it sound like summer? Last week, I enjoyed a few working days while nestled in a condo on Edisto Beach, my favorite spot. Even in December, the beach simply shouts certain sorts of meals. I wasn’t going to try crab legs or any other kind of seafood. That’s why we went out. However, we were required to eat throughout the remainder of our stay. We were thinking of some lighter cuisine.

There were a lot of comparable components while picking these two recipes, which made it a little easier. My spouse assisted me in the kitchen by cutting up the fresh items. HOWEVER, when I was making the broccoli salad, I didn’t follow the guidelines as thoroughly, and the green onions that my husband had sliced up for the chicken salad ended up in the broccoli salad instead. My sous chef had neglected to trim the red onions for the broccoli salad.

The broccoli salad was still delicious despite the green onions, and I used part of the red onion in the chicken salad. The chicken salad tasted delicious with curry spice added to the mayonnaise mix.

Vera recommends using little Phyllo shells; however, my husband had a thick sandwich, and I had crackers.

Those two dishes have a summery air to them, and they were perfect for our little beach excursion in December. Nonetheless, I can see myself cooking both of these around the holidays. Do you have any leftover turkey from Christmas? When creating her chicken salad, use it instead of chicken. Also, serve the broccoli salad as a side dish for your holiday gathering.

I’m still debating which Christmas cake to make. Anybody who wants to vote for it? It’s either her red velvet or coconut cakes. I’m going to make that carrot cake recipe one day. I’m not sure it’ll be around the holidays.

James R. Rhodes