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SAP, Trader Joe’s, BioNtech, BMW / DAIMLER / VW, Lufthansa, Siemens, T-Mobile, Allianz, Adidas are just a few of the more than 3,000 majority German-owned companies in the United States doing business Germany one of the largest foreign employers in the United States, with more than 674,000 American workers and the largest foreign investment in R&D. Germany is an economic powerhouse, with the largest population in the EU and the fourth largest economy in the world. German is also an official language of Switzerland, Austria and Be / Lux / Lie, and a regional ethnic minority language in 42 countries around the world.
If you are pursuing a career in science (where German is the second most used language), engineering, business, tourism, music, history and more, knowledge of the language and the German culture will give you the edge you need.

Not only will the ability to speak German make you more competitive in the global job market, it’s an asset in academia, essential for many majors. This will allow you to take advantage of the free tuition fees for international students in Germany, position you well for the many scholarships offered by Germany, and help you explore your ‘roots’. (Over 45 million Americans claim German heritage.) Learn to speak the language of innovators, great thinkers, writers, and creative minds.

James R. Rhodes