German airline Evia Aero orders 25 Eviation Alice electric planes

Evia Aero has committed to order 25 all-electric Alice commuter jets from electric aircraft developer Eviation, the companies announced Wednesday at NBAA-BACE 2022. The new German regional airline has signed a letter of intent with Eviation three just weeks after Washington State. The electric plane developer launched Alice’s flight test campaign with success first flight in Moses Lake, Wash., on September 27.

Evia Aero, which is focused on developing a sustainable airline for the business traveler market, plans to use the nine-passenger electric aircraft as its primary ship for point-to-point travel in Germany, Denmark, in Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands.

Eviation says it expects Alice to enter service in 2027. When it does enter service, the battery-powered aircraft is expected to have a range of around 250nm. However, Eviation CEO Gregory Davis said AIN that the company aims to achieve a longer 440nm range once available battery technology matures.

“Together with Eviation, a pioneer in electric flight, we will introduce a fleet of zero-emission aircraft that will transform the way we experience regional travel in Europe,” said Florian Kruse, Founder and CEO of Evia Aero. “We are deeply committed to holistically transforming the aviation industry by implementing a full cycle of local energy generation, storage and flight operations.”

James R. Rhodes