Palm Coast man shoots his one-year-old dog after mixing his fiancée with a German Shepherd

Jamier T. Lee-Bright, a 25-year-old resident of 21 Seaman Trail East in Palm Coast, was arrested Saturday on two felony counts, including animal cruelty, following the style shooting execution of his one-year-old dog. after the dog allegedly bit Lee-Bright’s fiancée. Lee-Bright had removed the dog from his fiancée’s presence, taken it to the garden, dropped it off and shot it there. The dog survived.

Lee-Bright also faces a charge of tampering with evidence. He was booked in the county jail and released on bail.

Residents neighboring the property at 21 Seaman Trail East in Palm Coast’s Seminole Woods reported to authorities that they heard gunshots followed by the cries of a dog. Residents directed responding deputies to that address, where they found a “profusely sweating” Lee-Bright, according to his arrest report, along with three other adults, none of whom were sweating. Lee-Bright told deputies he also heard the gunshots, but knew nothing about it. But he consented to the deputies searching the backyard.

Jamier Lee Bright.
Jamier Lee Bright.

A deputy noticed Lee-Bright spraying an area of ​​the back patio with a hose, “in what appeared to be an attempt to destroy (blood) evidence,” according to the report. Lee-Bright, who was standing near a jar of bleach, immediately dropped the hose the moment he noticed he was being watched.

Detectives were dispatched to the scene. One interviewed Lee-Bright’s fiancée, Candace Brice, 24, who allegedly initially tricked detectives, then said she believed Lee-Bright shot one of their dogs , Rocky, a one year old German Shepherd mix. Rocky, Brice told detectives, “allegedly attacked and bit her on the hand as she tried to pull a toy away from him while she was in the living room of the residence,” the report said. Brice repeatedly screamed that the dog was biting her. Lee-Bright took Rocky to the backyard while Brice and her young daughter moved to the front yard, where she said she heard a loud noise, but didn’t know what it was.

“It should be noted that Candace did not sustain any injuries from ‘Rocky’,” the report read.

Detectives always interview individuals separately. Lee-Bright told a different story: that nothing had happened on the property and neighbors were probably hearing things from Dry Lake. When detectives told him they knew he was fabricating a story, he said, “Yeah. I shot him,” referring to Rocky. He said the moment he heard Brice scream, he grabbed his .40 caliber Glock, picked up the dog, “crossed the porch, put the dog in the yard and shot him in the head,” according to the arrest report. “[H]We then brought the dog inside and locked him in his kennel. The dog was still alive.

“We discovered there was a large amount of blood in and around the kennel and ‘Rocky’ was lying there shaking and crying while covered in blood,” a detective reported. “We have further confirmed that ‘Rocky’ suffered a gunshot wound to the head and an additional wound to the left front of the shoulder. Rocky was then rushed to Flagler Animal Hospital. The dog drifted in and out of consciousness Vets said the bullet narrowly missed the carotid artery and all vital organs The injury was not life-threatening, but the dog suffered a fractured left humerus .

Two hours had passed between the time the dog was shot and the time deputies found it. ” At no moment [Lee-Bright] show no remorse for his actions,” the report said.

Other people at the home told detectives they had never seen Rocky display any aggressive tendencies and that there were no known behavioral issues. “It was also reported to detectives that [Lee-Bright] has returned multiple dogs in the past and that he knows the proper course of action should he ever have to remove a dog from the home,” the report said.

Dixie Commons Animal Hospital, which examined the dog in December, reported no aggression. A Palm Coast animal control officer reported no detectable aggression from Rocky either. (“I don’t want that goddamn dog back in my house!” Lee-Bright allegedly told Kasey Hagan, the animal control officer.)

James R. Rhodes