Nancy Pelosi moved to Kyiv. German-Ukrainian invasion in support of European embargo on Russian oil

The Russian Duma proposes to seize the business assets of “friendly” countries

Russian State Duma chief Vyacheslav Volodymyr on Sunday proposed that Russia seize commercial goods from “unfriendly” countries, in response to similar moves by the West.

“A company located on the territory of the Russian Federation, belonging to the hostile countries of its owners, is right to respond with similar actions: seize these assets,” he said in his Telegram account, quoting the agency. press EFE.

“And sales revenue [dos bens confiscados] It will be for the development of our country,” he added.

Volodin also wrote that the US House of Representatives had passed legislation allowing the transfer of frozen assets of Russian companies and citizens to Ukraine: “A dangerous precedent has been set, which should boomerang within the states.

According to the head of the Duma, the American decision “will not affect the Russian economy” because “boats, villas and other property seized from rich citizens do not help their development in any way”.

Volodin recalled that the Russian central bank’s gold and currency reserves of about 300 billion US dollars (about 284 billion euros) had been frozen, which he promised that they would be “withdrawn because it are public funds”.

In response, he added, the central bank had banned foreign investors from withdrawing funds from the Russian financial system: “According to some estimates, we are talking about more than 500 billion dollars. We must respond,” he argued.

“Today, Russian businessmen buy foreign companies operating in Russia, buying shares of partners who want to leave our market. They act politely, under international law cannot be called a series of “enemy countries”, he said.

According to the head of the Duma, “Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and even the United States are involved in looting”.

Sanctions against Russia following the Feb. 24 military offensive against Ukraine have already attracted more than 12 million people, of whom more than 5.4 million have fled the country, according to UN data.

The Russian invasion was widely condemned by the international community, which responded by sending arms to Ukraine and increasing economic and political sanctions against Moscow.

James R. Rhodes