Fifteen climate activists stick to German autobahns

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BERLIN, February 7 (Reuters)Fifteen climate activists glued themselves to the asphalt of highways in Germany, causing rush hour traffic jams on Monday, during the latest demonstrations demanding a law against food waste and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural origin.

A total of 252 protesters have taken part in a series of roadblocks over the past two weeks, with 69 of them merging into the asphalt to make their removal more difficult, according to German climate activist group ‘Last Generation “.

Reuters video showed frustrated motorists held up on Berlin’s main A100 motorway on Monday, getting out of their cars and dragging some of the activists away by their balaclavas and backpacks.

A total of 42 activists took part in highway blockades in Berlin and the southwestern city of Freiburg on Monday, according to Last Generation.

Police in Freiburg opened investigations against 11 people and police in Berlin were verifying the identity of the activists and checking whether they could be taken into custody.

Jhe is an activistwho also placed food on the A100 motorway which had been thrown away earlier, Last week repeatedly blocked roads and highways in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

A Berlin police spokesman said she could not immediately say how many people had been arrested since the protests began. The last generation website said 50 people were in police custody in various German cities at the end of the day on Friday.

“By planning to achieve climate neutrality by 2045, the German government is breaking its constitutional obligation to protect our lives,” the activist said. spokesperson Carla Hinrichs said in a statement.

“By 2030, we will exceed 1.5 degrees (average rise in global temperatures). Not only is the government breaking international law, it is committing a crime against humanity by deliberately heading for a 2-degree warmer world, 3, 4 degrees with billions starving.”, she noted.

(Reporting by Christian Mang and Zuzanna Szymanska, editing by Mark Heinrich)

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