A German electric scooter prototype

It’s brand after brand and model after model for e-bikes. Big names like Zero and Energica have already made their presence known globally, and even countries like India are seeing top investment in companies like Ola Electric.

While the rest of the world is shouting, let’s back up to Europe for a bit because Naon is yet another name to add to the list of brands to watch for the next electric revolution.

Based in Germany, the Naon brand has just presented its very first prototype electric scooter, called Zero-One. Again, this is a prototype, so there are no pre-order forms yet. However, the model looks promising with its unique design and rather premium positioning in the market.

Naon plans to have two versions of the Zero-One, the first is the L1e, which will be priced at €4,920 EUR (about $5,600 US). It will serve as the base model for the range, and it will have a claimed top speed of around 28 miles per hour, or 45 kilometers per hour in metric.

A price increase means a power increase, and the L3e, which will cost €6,420 (about $7,300), is said to be capable of a top speed of 62 miles per hour or 100 kilometers per hour. The motor is said to have an output of 7 kilowatts, which should be enough for around town duties.

Naon Zero-One electric scooter

The Zero-One is built on an aluminum frame, with its interchangeable batteries placed close to the boards to allow for storage space and a low center of gravity. It also has front and rear disc brakes and features ABS. What is surprising about its feature set is that it has no screen and uses the pilot’s smartphone to provide information.

On top of all that, the manufacturing process is also eco-friendly as Naon states that the Zero-One is made from recyclable materials that are simple to break down, repair and remake in addition to raw materials.

James R. Rhodes